The traditional model of video advertising is changing before our eyes and we're here to help you break the rules. 
We are content creators, story tellers and artists who love what we do. We make television programs, documentaries, web videos and random nonsense pieces. We create original content designed to spread peace, love, joy and silliness. We create branded content that tells the stories of the brand & the people behind the products and services that make our world a better place. While we may not be that flexible in the gym, we are flexible creatively. We've got loads of ideas and the know how when it comes to execution. We work with different kinds of people and different kinds of budgets.
(A) stands for anything
Lane McCall

Lane's been creating content professionally for about 17 years. He's got you covered and he's only an email away. 
Kit McCall

Kit graduated from the New England School of Communications and has been producing for about 15 years. He's darned good at it.
Ty McCall
Business Development Exec. 

Ty is a boat captain and a deep sea diver. He's also a former Australian outback rancher, koala keeper, and Midwest wheat cutter. He's a good guy to know, and to work with.
Big Bird
Big Yellow Bird

Thought this page needed some color. You're welcome.
Bonus Film (no charge)
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