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Who We Are

Our sweet spot is making videos for businesses

that pack a punch without punching your wallet. 

20 Years,
Thousands of Ads

The Team! 

Lane McCall

Lane McCall

Role: Director/DOP
Education: New York Film Academy, Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater
Years in the Industry: 23

Fun Fact: Lane won "Best Hair" in the 8th grade. 

Having trained as an actor and filmmaker in New York, Lane has spent the past two decades directing multiple doc-style TV episodes, TV commercials, and a variety of content for many major brands. Lane recently DP'd a non-scripted web series for Indeed that was the recipient of two 2023 Telly Awards. 

Kit McCall

Kit McCall

Role: Producer/Post Production Supervisor

Education: New England School of Communications, NESCom

Years in the Industry: 22

Fun Fact: Kit likes to trade so much, that he named his dog "Barter".

Kit is a highly accomplished and award-winning filmmaker who graduated with honors from the New England School of Communications, earning two prestigious Outstanding Achievement Awards in Sound Recording and Television Production. Kit's work has garnered a plethora of accolades, including a multitude of Platinum, Gold, and Silver Awards at prestigious events such as the International Hermes Creative Awards, Annual Educational Advertising Awards, and SIAA Awards.

Lance Allen Kramer

Lance Allen Kramer

Role: Producer/Director/Actor
Education: North Carolina School of the Arts
Years in the Industry: 18

Fun Fact: Lance was a featured extra in "Rushmore" with Bull Murray.

Lance Allen Kramer is an award-winning actor, director, and producer, who has appeared in several national commercials, short films, and on multiple Food Network shows. Lance is not only a production vet, but is also an accomplished chef with his own line of signature barbeque sauces and rubs. 

Our extended team includes Editors, Shooters, Gaffers, Actors, Hair & Makeup,  ...and more.
We are able to meet all your production needs.

burger big_edited.png

We believe burger toppings are like a window into your soul. It's like a personality test on a plate!

Here's what we're eating... 

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