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Who We Are

Who We Are...


From ideas to execution, we've been creating television programs, documentaries, music videos, fashion films and digital content for over 20 years.  

Meet the Team! 

Lane McCall

Lane McCall is a Creative Director and Director of Photography at Badcolors Media, where he brings his love of storytelling and creative imagery to life. A seasoned actor with training from the Neighborhood Playhouse and Stella Adler Acting Conservatories, Lane knows firsthand the importance of collaborating with actors. But don't let his acting chops fool you - he's also a master of the visual arts, having attended the New York Film Academy.

He won"Best Hair" in 8th grade (before he sadly went bald). When he's not busy crafting compelling stories and stunning visuals, you can find him indulging in his guilty pleasure TV show "Love is Blind" with his favorite late-night treat - popcorn.

Besides his love for all things cinematic, Lane's true passion is for his two dogs, Peter and Jackson - "accidentally" named after film director Peter Jackson.

Kit McCall

Kit is a seasoned producer and director of post production at Badcolors Media. In his free time, he enjoys reenacting obstacle courses from "Wipeout" in his living room (much to the dismay of his wife). When he's not busy bringing his creative vision to life on set or training for the ultimate "Wipeout" championship, Kit can be found quoting lines from his all-time favorite movie, "Cool Hand Luke." 

Kit is a skilled and award-winning filmmaker, graduating with honors from the New England School of Communications and receiving numerous awards for his work, including a Platinum Award at the International Hermes Creative Awards and a Gold Winner at the 25th Annual Educational Advertising Awards.

And yes, he still quotes the classic "What we've got here is a failure to communicate" line on a regular basis.

Lance w background.png

Lance Allen Kramer

Lance Allen Kramer is an actor, director, and producer, who's always ready to take on a new challenge. As the newest member of Badcolors Media, he's bringing his award-winning filmmaking skills to the table and keeping things spicy with his expertise as a chef (check him out on his Food Network shows!). When he's not busy cooking up a storm or creating magic on screen, Lance can be found cuddled up with his trusty dog Shiner (named after his favorite Texas beer, naturally) and rewatching his all-time favorite movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

This jack-of-all-trades has lived all over the country, including stops in NYC, Texas, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, and got his start in the industry as a featured extra in the classic film Rushmore starring Bill Murray.

Lance has been acting since the ripe old age of seven and won the Samuel French Texas Best Actor Award as a Junior in High School. Talk about setting the bar high!

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We believe burger toppings are like a window into your soul. It's like a personality test on a plate!

Here's what we're eating... 

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