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Some of our other videos.

We directed this piece for Ford. The shoot was two days in Dallas. We invaded the Dallas Farmers market with about 25 extras and the merchants didn't mind! 

The crew was fantastic and we shot pretty much sunrise to sunset on both days.  

We produced this video for Google to highlight their multi-language capabilities within Google Assistant. 

This project was a lot of fun. We had a great cast and a wonderful international crew. The turn-around was very quick as Google released this video on their YouTube channel to coincide with their product launch.

Pantene teamed up with Revolt in Houston for a special video shoot. We directed two pieces for them at a fabulous photo studio in town. 

This is a trailer for a 12 episode documentary series we produced called Growing Home. The series tells the stories of U.S. Veterans who come home from military service to work the land, farm and raise families. 

The program initially ran on NBC in the North East and can now be seen on Amazon Prime. This project was made with friends and family and a really wonderful bunch of Veterans with huge hearts. 

See it on Amazon Prime

We produced this mini documentary for Unscriptd, about Allen Woodard. 

As a young man Allen had true Olympic potential, only to have a freak injury dash his dreams. After 20 years away from track, Allen's comeback has been nothing short of miraculous.


Now, at age 47, he's the fastest quarter-miler in his age group... in the world.


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